Did you know that you won’t probably get your ticket price refunded if due to an unexpected incident, you are no longer able to travel once you have made the booking? Most fares are “restricted economy class”, this means that changes and cancellations are not permitted and that no matter the cause, the ticket won’t be refunded, not even due to force majeure.

Besides, even when refunds are allowed by the airline’s rules, the refund period will depend on internal processes of the airlines and this process can sometimes take time.

With the Cancellation Protection you can get the 75% of your ticket refunded within 15 days if you have to cancel the booking for illness or death of passenger or first degree family member. Bear in mind that this protection only covers the cancellation of the tickets of those passengers with first degree consanguinity with the ill or dead person.

If you want to take this protection, you only need to add the Cancellation Protection when you make the booking. Bear in mind that the Cancellation can only be purchased online at the moment you make a booking and it can’t be added to the booking afterwards.

If once you have purchased the protection, you need to cancel your booking due to one of the covered causes, you must send us, at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the first flight of your booking, a written confirmation indicating that you have the protection and that you want to cancel the booking. This confirmation can be sent through My Trips specifying in all cases the cause of the cancellation. You must also attach a signed and stamped readable official medical certificate (that indicates the passenger is unable to travel on the scheduled dates). In case illness or death of a family member is the reason of the cancellation, an official document certifying the family relationship (family record, for example) must also be attached.

Once we have received your cancellation request and the necessary documents, we will process your case and within 15 days you will receive the 75% of your ticket price refunded (services fees, administrative fees, service price and additional services are excluded).

Bear in mind that this protection covers the cancellation of the entire booking of those passengers covered by it. This means that all parts in the itinerary of the covered passenger must be cancelled. Pre-existing illnesses or medical conditions already manifest prior to the purchase of the protection are not covered. Once purchased, this cancellation protection is nonrefundable under any circumstance.

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